Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sculpting Tutorial Part 1

Hello everyone, myself and Alessio from Wolfbane-art have been talking about a sculpting tutorial to show how the miniatures for Wrathborn are created.
The processes is very simple and starts with an idea from myself, I will over time get a full picture in my mind of how I want the miniature to look, I then pass this idea onto Alan Perry, Wrathborn's main studio artist. Sometimes I give Alan a few sketches but Alan has a great understanding of what I want and is able to get the first sketch bang on.

Once the Artwork is complete this is then passed on to Alessio who will then work his magic and create the awesome looking miniatures that Wrathborn the game will be supported by.

So over these next few parts to this series Alessio will be sculpting the Thane for the Norndrassel faction, the Thane happens to be one of few pieces of artwork that I forgot to get Alan to do and as the miniature is needed for the starter set and Alan is very busy with the front over of the rulebook and finishing off the Lycanfiend artwork, I didn't want to add extra work to him. I pitched an idea to Alessio to see if he could sculpt what I was looking for with out the artwork. After a few chats we both got onto the same page and started to see the same picture, which was this fine fellow from the King Arthur movie.

This is the Saxon leaders son who is played by the actor Til Schweiger and the look and style along with the style of the Norndrassel faction is what i wanted and had in mind.

OK so lets see the Thane take shape and see what Alessio did. Stage One

Let's start with the armature wire: Alessio added small quantities of Green Stuff for marking the feet position and creating a first shape of the torso. The final pose it's not recognisable at this stage, it will be more clear once more green stuff has been added for creating muscular masses.

Stage Two

For this stage Alessio started to add the muscles and body shape to the miniature. This will give it a realist look once the clothing and armour are added at a later stage.

Stage Three

Once the putty has cured, Alessio started to give shape to boots, adding all the final details: some space was left on the back for the calf's. Now it's time to add thigh and gluteus muscles. Alessio paid serious attention to muscular shapes and their symmetry, which is one of the most difficult tasks when you sculpt a miniature.

The end result for the boots

That's it for part of of this Tutorial, at the bottom of this post you will find a link to Alessio's Facebook page, it would be great if you could head over to it and give him a like and show your support as it is well deserved.

In the next part Alessio will start to add detail to the rest of the miniature from the waist down and he will also start to bulk up the chest and back ready for the armour.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and find it helpful please spread the word about Wrathborn.

Thank you


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