Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sculpting Work In Progress Update 2

Good evening everyone, these past few days have been all go and it has been full of great news. First the business plan for Hairy Studios has been completed and this also means that I now have a target date for the webstore to open, more will be posted about this closer to the time. I plan to have a 4 week long pre order for the opening and I may even have something one off for it.

So this update post is all about the great work that Alessio from Wolfbane-art has done. First up is the Alpha for the Lycanfiend factions, it has started to really take shape but if you look at the picture you wont need me to tell you that.

Here is the artwork which was done by Alan Perry a very talented local artist here in Belfast.

This next update is for the Norndrassel faction, it is the very naked Berserker. For the gamer that is of a younger age than most and for the ones that dont like nudity Alessio will be sculpting a loin cloth to cover him up which can be glued onto the finished miniature.

As you can see there is still lots of work left on him to be done but I am very pleased with him and hope you like him also.

With the Berserker almost complete this means I am one miniature away from having the Norndrassel starter set complete and ready for casting, which is great news and the Lycanfiend starter set will be the next to finish off.

Please spread the word about Wrathborn it needs your support to grow.

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