Monday, 19 May 2014

Sculpting Work In Progress Update

Good evening everyone, this little update will be the first of many work in progress updates and as the Facebook page has reached 300 likes, which is down to Dixon for sharing the page so much. I think it would be best to show this model in the first update.

This picture shows the very early stages of the muscle mass been put onto the Berserker for the Norndrassel faction. This miniature along with the first two that have been completed will make up most of the faction starter set. The Thane a Hero for the Norndrassel will finish it off. So one faction starter almost complete is good news.

I could end this update here but I am sure you will want to see this next picture.

This is the Alpha the Warlord for the Lycanfiends.

I hope you enjoy this update and there will be many more to come.

Thank you for the support and please keep sharing the game with your friends.

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