Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Welcome to the new Wrathborn Blog

Welcome to the new Wrathborn blog, a place where I will be able to share with you information about the game and the world of Wrathborn.

I hope to have a blog post for you every week but failing that I will aim for every two weeks.

The kind of things I will be sharing with you are as follows :

A brief look at the history of each of the games factions.
A closer look at some of the units types for each of the factions, which will include pictures of the artwork and the miniatures themselves.
An in depth look at the game mechanics and how a game Round will work.

And lastly, any new miniature previews of completed miniatures will be shown here first.

So I hope you will subscribe to the blog and also spread the word about it.

You can also find infomation on Wrathborns Facebook page

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