Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sculpting Tutorial Part 1

Hello everyone, myself and Alessio from Wolfbane-art have been talking about a sculpting tutorial to show how the miniatures for Wrathborn are created.
The processes is very simple and starts with an idea from myself, I will over time get a full picture in my mind of how I want the miniature to look, I then pass this idea onto Alan Perry, Wrathborn's main studio artist. Sometimes I give Alan a few sketches but Alan has a great understanding of what I want and is able to get the first sketch bang on.

Once the Artwork is complete this is then passed on to Alessio who will then work his magic and create the awesome looking miniatures that Wrathborn the game will be supported by.

So over these next few parts to this series Alessio will be sculpting the Thane for the Norndrassel faction, the Thane happens to be one of few pieces of artwork that I forgot to get Alan to do and as the miniature is needed for the starter set and Alan is very busy with the front over of the rulebook and finishing off the Lycanfiend artwork, I didn't want to add extra work to him. I pitched an idea to Alessio to see if he could sculpt what I was looking for with out the artwork. After a few chats we both got onto the same page and started to see the same picture, which was this fine fellow from the King Arthur movie.

This is the Saxon leaders son who is played by the actor Til Schweiger and the look and style along with the style of the Norndrassel faction is what i wanted and had in mind.

OK so lets see the Thane take shape and see what Alessio did. Stage One

Let's start with the armature wire: Alessio added small quantities of Green Stuff for marking the feet position and creating a first shape of the torso. The final pose it's not recognisable at this stage, it will be more clear once more green stuff has been added for creating muscular masses.

Stage Two

For this stage Alessio started to add the muscles and body shape to the miniature. This will give it a realist look once the clothing and armour are added at a later stage.

Stage Three

Once the putty has cured, Alessio started to give shape to boots, adding all the final details: some space was left on the back for the calf's. Now it's time to add thigh and gluteus muscles. Alessio paid serious attention to muscular shapes and their symmetry, which is one of the most difficult tasks when you sculpt a miniature.

The end result for the boots

That's it for part of of this Tutorial, at the bottom of this post you will find a link to Alessio's Facebook page, it would be great if you could head over to it and give him a like and show your support as it is well deserved.

In the next part Alessio will start to add detail to the rest of the miniature from the waist down and he will also start to bulk up the chest and back ready for the armour.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and find it helpful please spread the word about Wrathborn.

Thank you


Monday, 7 July 2014

More Lycanfiend artwork

 Hello everyone, it is that time against.

In this update I am going to show you some more of the awesome artwork that has been completed by Alan Perry. This artwork will also be for sale at Nordicon and G-Con this month in Belfast and Bangor Northern Ireland. I might even get Alan to sign a few for you.

So here is the first piece.

The first is the Pack Mate, these Lycan make up the bulk of a pack. Alan has gone for a smaller looking beast rather than the larger Alpha to show that these are the weaker members of the pack, as for the miniature, I expect them to be close to 35mm-40mm in size.

The next is the hulking Grizator. These massive beast often love close by a pack of Lycan and scavenge for lefts overs. The pack will often use the Grizator to break enemy lines and defend the packs boarders.  

In the next update I will explain what this picture has to do with Wrathborn and also show you what Alessio is up to.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Early sketches for the Lycanfiends

Hello everyone its time for an update and this one I will be showing you all some of Alans early sketches for the Lycanfiends which along with the Alpha will finish off this faction.

First up the Pack Mate.

Alan has made the Pack Mate smaller than the Alpha but it would still stand far taller than a human, is model scale your looking at a miniature of around 35-40mm high.

Next the Grizator

I wanted a large monster/beast that worked well with the Lycan theme and as I am a fan of classical monsters such as the Minotaur I wanted something like it in Wrathborn but I felt that the part bull part man didn't work with the Lycanfiends. After an interesting chat with Alan the Grizator was born..

Last we have the Matriarch, as you can see from the sketches it is a female Lycan and an Elemental Walker as well. In the Pack she will be the Alpha's mate and often in some packs the true leader but more about that later.

As you can see there are two version of the sketch as we are playing around with the concept but over all the look and the feel of the Matriarch has been sported.

I hope you enjoyed this little update and please feel free share the blog and facebook page around to help spread the word about the game.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Confirmed Factions

Good evening everyone, today has been a busy day as I've been working hard to get the finial touches to the 1.6 version of the Alpha stage Rulebook. It is all done so I'm a happy chap.

I would like to take this time and tell you about the 6 factions that the main rulebook will include and I will also tell you the names of the next 3 factions that I would like to create and add to the game. The first three are what I am calling the first wave and as soon as these are all complete I will then start one wave two, which will complete the 6 factions in the main Rulebook

First as you can guess from all the pictures of the greens is the Norndrassel. The Norndrassel are a Norse themed army that is built around a core of medium armoured fighters with some hard hitting units, out of all the factions the Norndrassel are the one that has a good mix of everything.

Next we have the Lycanfiends, they are a full combat army with no range bar what the Element Walker can do, so if you want an army that has a small model count as well as a fast moving army and hard hitting then this is the one for you.

The last of the wave one factions is the Kingdom of Aner'a, they are based on the Spartan/Roman and feudal Europe. On the table you will have a very defensive army that employs spears which give you a longer reach than most, when used right this can be a deadly tactic.

Next we have the Wave two factions, like I have said earlier I plan to get these done and dusted once all of wave one is complete.

the first of these are the Druids of Samila, this light armoured and fast moving faction is the only faction in the game to have all Element Walkers for a Warlord and Hero, they even have a duel use unit that can be both ranged and close combat. As expected with Druids they also have help from the forest in the form of Tree men and dryads.

Next we have the Norndrassels most hated enemy, The Orca Tribes. These green skins come from the far north in the harsh mountain ranges and pack a punch, they even have a Cave Troll.

Last of the wave two and one of the most important factions for the story of the game is the true evil faction, the Felrakka. I won't say much about these other than they are big and have massive swords and they feed on your soul.

So that's the six factions in the main book, once all this is complete I will then look to expand the world of Wrathborn with new units and three new factions these are,

The Jade Kingdom
The Athena

So I hope your looking forward to seeing all this on the table top as much as I am creating it. If you would like to help test the game and have a direct impact on its direction then please use the link below and send me a PM and I will sort you out with an Alpha stage PDF.


Thank you for spending the time reading this post, please share it about with your friends and help spread the word.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sculpting Work In Progress Update 2

Good evening everyone, these past few days have been all go and it has been full of great news. First the business plan for Hairy Studios has been completed and this also means that I now have a target date for the webstore to open, more will be posted about this closer to the time. I plan to have a 4 week long pre order for the opening and I may even have something one off for it.

So this update post is all about the great work that Alessio from Wolfbane-art has done. First up is the Alpha for the Lycanfiend factions, it has started to really take shape but if you look at the picture you wont need me to tell you that.

Here is the artwork which was done by Alan Perry a very talented local artist here in Belfast.

This next update is for the Norndrassel faction, it is the very naked Berserker. For the gamer that is of a younger age than most and for the ones that dont like nudity Alessio will be sculpting a loin cloth to cover him up which can be glued onto the finished miniature.

As you can see there is still lots of work left on him to be done but I am very pleased with him and hope you like him also.

With the Berserker almost complete this means I am one miniature away from having the Norndrassel starter set complete and ready for casting, which is great news and the Lycanfiend starter set will be the next to finish off.

Please spread the word about Wrathborn it needs your support to grow.

Wolfbane-art Facebook page

Wrathborn Facebook page

Monday, 26 May 2014

The Visions of Wrathborn

In this update I will be showing you some of the art by the very talented Gabi from Sayara-S. I will include a link to her Facebook page at the bottom of this update.

So back to the artwork that Gabi has done for us, I think she is doing a great job creating the vision of Wrathborn from my briefing that I give her. It shows just how talented this young lady is.

OK on to the artwork. The first piece shows the dark and ruined lands of the Shadow Lands.

In this picture we see some of the ruins of the Empire of Myros which was once the ruling super power of Wrathborn until the Felrakka arrived and laid waste to the land. The sky is a deep purple because when then breach opened from the Sprite realm and the vanguard army of the Felrakka came through, a substance called Plantiff passed into the Mortal realm with them. This substance is what gives the Element Walkers their powers.

The next picture shows the lands of Aner'a and the capital of the Kingdom, Aner'a.

Here we can see the rolling green fields and the mighty walled city of Aner'a which has become the seat of power for the ruling power of the Kingdom. When the Empire fell to the Felrakka, the leaders of the Province to the West opened the lands up for as many of the refugees as they could and over time this small rural farming Provinces became one of the new great powers of the world.

As the game developed I will explore and show you more of the strange lands of Wrathborn and the people and creatures that live here.

Until then i hope you have enjoyed this update and i hope you enjoy the many more that will come.

Sayara-S Facebook page.

Wrathborn Facebook page.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Sculpting Work In Progress Update

Good evening everyone, this little update will be the first of many work in progress updates and as the Facebook page has reached 300 likes, which is down to Dixon for sharing the page so much. I think it would be best to show this model in the first update.

This picture shows the very early stages of the muscle mass been put onto the Berserker for the Norndrassel faction. This miniature along with the first two that have been completed will make up most of the faction starter set. The Thane a Hero for the Norndrassel will finish it off. So one faction starter almost complete is good news.

I could end this update here but I am sure you will want to see this next picture.

This is the Alpha the Warlord for the Lycanfiends.

I hope you enjoy this update and there will be many more to come.

Thank you for the support and please keep sharing the game with your friends.