Monday, 7 July 2014

More Lycanfiend artwork

 Hello everyone, it is that time against.

In this update I am going to show you some more of the awesome artwork that has been completed by Alan Perry. This artwork will also be for sale at Nordicon and G-Con this month in Belfast and Bangor Northern Ireland. I might even get Alan to sign a few for you.

So here is the first piece.

The first is the Pack Mate, these Lycan make up the bulk of a pack. Alan has gone for a smaller looking beast rather than the larger Alpha to show that these are the weaker members of the pack, as for the miniature, I expect them to be close to 35mm-40mm in size.

The next is the hulking Grizator. These massive beast often love close by a pack of Lycan and scavenge for lefts overs. The pack will often use the Grizator to break enemy lines and defend the packs boarders.  

In the next update I will explain what this picture has to do with Wrathborn and also show you what Alessio is up to.

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