Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Early sketches for the Lycanfiends

Hello everyone its time for an update and this one I will be showing you all some of Alans early sketches for the Lycanfiends which along with the Alpha will finish off this faction.

First up the Pack Mate.

Alan has made the Pack Mate smaller than the Alpha but it would still stand far taller than a human, is model scale your looking at a miniature of around 35-40mm high.

Next the Grizator

I wanted a large monster/beast that worked well with the Lycan theme and as I am a fan of classical monsters such as the Minotaur I wanted something like it in Wrathborn but I felt that the part bull part man didn't work with the Lycanfiends. After an interesting chat with Alan the Grizator was born..

Last we have the Matriarch, as you can see from the sketches it is a female Lycan and an Elemental Walker as well. In the Pack she will be the Alpha's mate and often in some packs the true leader but more about that later.

As you can see there are two version of the sketch as we are playing around with the concept but over all the look and the feel of the Matriarch has been sported.

I hope you enjoyed this little update and please feel free share the blog and facebook page around to help spread the word about the game.

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