Monday, 26 May 2014

The Visions of Wrathborn

In this update I will be showing you some of the art by the very talented Gabi from Sayara-S. I will include a link to her Facebook page at the bottom of this update.

So back to the artwork that Gabi has done for us, I think she is doing a great job creating the vision of Wrathborn from my briefing that I give her. It shows just how talented this young lady is.

OK on to the artwork. The first piece shows the dark and ruined lands of the Shadow Lands.

In this picture we see some of the ruins of the Empire of Myros which was once the ruling super power of Wrathborn until the Felrakka arrived and laid waste to the land. The sky is a deep purple because when then breach opened from the Sprite realm and the vanguard army of the Felrakka came through, a substance called Plantiff passed into the Mortal realm with them. This substance is what gives the Element Walkers their powers.

The next picture shows the lands of Aner'a and the capital of the Kingdom, Aner'a.

Here we can see the rolling green fields and the mighty walled city of Aner'a which has become the seat of power for the ruling power of the Kingdom. When the Empire fell to the Felrakka, the leaders of the Province to the West opened the lands up for as many of the refugees as they could and over time this small rural farming Provinces became one of the new great powers of the world.

As the game developed I will explore and show you more of the strange lands of Wrathborn and the people and creatures that live here.

Until then i hope you have enjoyed this update and i hope you enjoy the many more that will come.

Sayara-S Facebook page.

Wrathborn Facebook page.

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