Saturday, 31 May 2014

Confirmed Factions

Good evening everyone, today has been a busy day as I've been working hard to get the finial touches to the 1.6 version of the Alpha stage Rulebook. It is all done so I'm a happy chap.

I would like to take this time and tell you about the 6 factions that the main rulebook will include and I will also tell you the names of the next 3 factions that I would like to create and add to the game. The first three are what I am calling the first wave and as soon as these are all complete I will then start one wave two, which will complete the 6 factions in the main Rulebook

First as you can guess from all the pictures of the greens is the Norndrassel. The Norndrassel are a Norse themed army that is built around a core of medium armoured fighters with some hard hitting units, out of all the factions the Norndrassel are the one that has a good mix of everything.

Next we have the Lycanfiends, they are a full combat army with no range bar what the Element Walker can do, so if you want an army that has a small model count as well as a fast moving army and hard hitting then this is the one for you.

The last of the wave one factions is the Kingdom of Aner'a, they are based on the Spartan/Roman and feudal Europe. On the table you will have a very defensive army that employs spears which give you a longer reach than most, when used right this can be a deadly tactic.

Next we have the Wave two factions, like I have said earlier I plan to get these done and dusted once all of wave one is complete.

the first of these are the Druids of Samila, this light armoured and fast moving faction is the only faction in the game to have all Element Walkers for a Warlord and Hero, they even have a duel use unit that can be both ranged and close combat. As expected with Druids they also have help from the forest in the form of Tree men and dryads.

Next we have the Norndrassels most hated enemy, The Orca Tribes. These green skins come from the far north in the harsh mountain ranges and pack a punch, they even have a Cave Troll.

Last of the wave two and one of the most important factions for the story of the game is the true evil faction, the Felrakka. I won't say much about these other than they are big and have massive swords and they feed on your soul.

So that's the six factions in the main book, once all this is complete I will then look to expand the world of Wrathborn with new units and three new factions these are,

The Jade Kingdom
The Athena

So I hope your looking forward to seeing all this on the table top as much as I am creating it. If you would like to help test the game and have a direct impact on its direction then please use the link below and send me a PM and I will sort you out with an Alpha stage PDF.


Thank you for spending the time reading this post, please share it about with your friends and help spread the word.

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